About Us

Our Story

Our story starts with a small child diagnosed with Hepatoblastoma. His name was Matias. We had to live what nobody wants to live.

Due to this, we saw the need to have an advanced medical system where pathologies can be detected early.

We have established agreements with institutions and professionals of the highest levels. Which has allowed Mediglobal to create a comprehensive care system that provides access to global medicine and first world medicine, hence building high confidence from our patients.

Mission & Vision

Mediglobal is a medical services business focused on offering an integral service to our patients with our concierge medicine system.

Mediglobal is strongly compromised in health education and preventive medicine.

Our Medical Facility

Mediglobal is compromised on offering the best service to our patients and our facilities play a big role on this.

Visit our facilities located at Hospital CIMA in San Rafael, Escazu.

Some of our Professionals

Our Staff