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We are a medical assistance system of excellence in which the general physician becomes a follow-up doctor who provides comprehensive care in each consultation which includes all the services required to improve the patient’s health. We pride ourselves on our excellence and efficiency.

We are a pioneering company and leader in medical concierge services in Costa Rica.

Our Story

Our story starts with a small child diagnosed with Hepatoblastoma. His name was Matias. We had to live what nobody wants to live.

Due to this, we saw the need to have an advanced medical system where pathologies can be detected early.

We have established agreements with institutions and professionals of the highest levels. Which has allowed Mediglobal to create a comprehensive care system that provides access to global medicine and first world medicine, hence building high confidence from our patients.

Why choose us?

Experience, Professionalism and Quality of care.

After years of experience, a working model designed for the patient is born, betting on the best clinical environment.


Special relevance to a humane treatment, that's why our team will accompany you from the first visit to the end treatment, when you are discharged.
Offering at all times the best service with the highest quality of care.

24x7 Support

24/7 online shopping and customer service from 10 am to 7 pm

Security and Trust

Our staff has medical malpractice insurance, for which on certain procedures you must fill out an informed consent form.

Best Equipment

High-tech equipment with advanced techniques for minimally invasive management.

Patients' Testimonials

"Excellent services 100% recommended, very efficient staff and top-tier professionals."

"An excellent service and the gynecologist is an excellent doctor. I'm speechless, I was attended like never before in this area."

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